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Learning a Skill is to train yourself to do something well. Digital skills on the other hand are skills successfully acquired through the use of information technology and internet, in other to better oneself and the internet community at large.

Every now and then we warn graduates to at least learn a skill, digitally or locally. Parents have over-emphasized a lot on education, getting a degree then get a job (of course, working under someone) but never have they explained why anyone must learn a skill.

There is need for every one to know at most a digital skill which would fetch extra income for them, we are in the fast growing information and internet age, there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t be making money off it, that’s why, i have made little research and decided to share 15 Digital skills you can learn and make money online from them.

Learn Online - Digital Skills Acquisition
Learn Digital Skills and Make Money Online

Skills You Can Learn Online And Also Make Money From Easily

This post is strictly based on Some skills you can make money from online and where you can learn them online, in many of our subsequent posts, we will be explaining them in details on how you can use each of them to really earn a living.

1. Learn Coding Online

To some the word “Coding” sounds very fearful, in actual sense the scare in that word should be why you have not learnt it, and why you should actually learn it. Whether learners want to start with basic HTML or move up to CSS, PHP or JS, taking online crash courses can prepare people for creating and managing digital content from the ground up.

Codecademy offers a wide range of interactive courses, serving 24 million users across the world. There is no graduate is coding, everyday new things come up, new findings and modifications, you should join anytime soon and catch up with others. Learn Coding Online now at CodeCademy.

2. Learn Photography and Photoshop

Everyone wants a photo shoot, people constantly searching for photo studios close to them, people no longer uploads photos taken by their mobile for birthday, events, club and outings anymore, they prefer photos from Canon or Nikon by a professional.

Photography can be a great career covering a variety of subjects from travel, sports, weddings, fashion, food, and beyond. Kelbyone offers access to some of the world’s leading photographers, as well as online courses in Photoshop and Lightroom, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is an excessive opportunity in photography. The new trending photography interviews, mobile photography and the limitless Iphonography hashtags everywhere made by Adetunji Lekksite, Wale Adekile and many other friends on my Facebook friend’s list is a sure motivation for me to believe their is high potential in acquiring photography as a skill. Learn Photography and Photoshop on Kelbyone.

3. Learn Writing Skills Online

There are so many freelance websites now online, gaining so much online presence and paying people for their passion, this includes Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer and many others. Preparing materials for print or maintaining an online presence through a blog takes impeccable writing skills. Purdue University offers online professional writing courses while Grammarly offers grammar tutorials and apps to help both K-12 and college students improve their writing. In my subsequent posts, i will explain how you can make money online from some top freelance websites.

4. Learn Social Media Marketing Online

Navigating the world of social media includes everything from using hashtags effectively, Using several social accounts like Pinterests, Twitter, etc., in the right context to scheduling Facebook posts, and generally increasing sales or actually marketing a product in the most easiest way.

So many bloggers are now taking up Social Media marketing as an extra stream of income, offering services for other brands or improving sales for their businesses through it.  Alison allows users to earn a diploma in social media marketing at their own pace, as well as individualized courses on using Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

5. Learn SEO services Online

Search Engine Optimization allows companies to get free traffic by using particular keywords or phrases in a search engine.

I have sold and offered several SEO services to clients, perhaps you got to from Google search, Yes! i run several tens of websites including and i target search engines as my major aim of generating, not just website visitors but as extra income streams for my businesses.

SEO Book has an online training program focused on keyword search, link building, domain names and tracking results. Anyways, i can offer you SEO services and extra teachings check my contact page.

6. Learn Adobe Skills Online

Adobe software is the basis for building professional website and other online content. Train Simple offers Adobe training for a monthly or annual fee, allowing users unlimited access to courses. Students can also earn certificates once their training is complete.

7. Learn Entrepreneurship Skills Online

Start-ups are a popular way to build local brands or provide a service that is greatly needed within the community. Many small business owners have myriad details to consider when building a company from the ground up. Skillshare offers videos on creating your own brand, increasing your productivity, and promoting your skills.

8. Learn Lead Generation Marketing Online

Several years of studying advertisements, i have come to understanding that making excessive leads is strictly based on targeting. I am still learning more about this Inbound Marketing, because the future of getting products to the face of the right audience relies on it.

Reaching the right audience relies on converting––through clicks or making phone calls––which leads to sales. Learning the ways to connect right off the bat can boost your marketing abilities. Hubspot Academy offers a variety of free and at-cost certifications, including inbound marketing and contextual marketing.

9. Learn Video Production Online

A career in broadcast media relies on learning how to utilize new video equipment to effectively tell the story at hand. Having video experience can also make a person more viable for a job that includes traditional writing and design elements but may also require audio/visual messaging.

In My subsequent my subsequent post where i will be writing on video sharing outlets where you can share videos and make money from them, hence you have to learn video editing and making. One of the online training center is Videomaker which features online video courses on editing, audio, lighting, and green screen.

10. Learn Job Sharing Online

Nowadays, companies are searching for managers that will “manage” their firm for the slightest cost on employments, back then in school, Division of labour and specialization has come into play in the current information age, where companies wants to spend on less hands to get more works done, you can learn job sharing and make excess money off from it.

Many professions are leaning toward job sharing as a way to reduce work costs or allow employees to prepare for a career transition. Job Skill Share lets experts share their knowledge with high school students, immigrants, and people wanting to learn new job skills.

11. Learn Tutoring Skills Online

Teachers may consider tutoring as a way to stretch their wings in between semesters and allow them to make extra money. Oxford University has an online course geared towards people wanting to break into online tutoring.

12. Pet Care Training Online

There’s more to pet sitting than feeding, walking, and grooming. For people interested in honing their skills or breaking into an animal-centered career, Universal Class has a variety of courses on caring for house pets, such as dogs and cats, to more exotic animals, such as reptiles or marine wildlife for those wanting to work at aquariums and zoos.

13. Beauty, Health and Skin Care Training

The constant search for beauty, Skin care and health tips by girls of nowadays is something that really needs one to fetch money off from, girls can now pay excessively to get acne and scars of their skins, remove stretch marks and flat tommy etc., Pink lips and six packs for guys. There are several blogs out there offering step by step ways to make concoctions that can address above problem, you can learn and sell.

The Open Education Database offers a variety of free courses on health subjects such as immunizations, acute adult nursing, anatomy, and health organization management from the world’s leading institutions.

14. Learn Cooking Skills Online

Culinary skills or Cooking is not just a skill limited to the home kitchen. It can also lead to the start of a successful full-time career or side business. Chef Steps allows users to sign up for a variety of online tutorials at a small cost, search for recipes or connect with other learners via online forum.

15. Learn Data Analysis Online

 Understanding data – and being able to use it to better serve customers or anticipate the needs of a particular audience – is an impressive skill to add to any resume. Full Sail University provides a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence, which includes the full curriculum and a laptop.

In Conclusion:

These are not the best skills you can learn online but certainly learning one or more of these 15 skills can make you money online in a short-while, which of the above skills do you find enticing to learn?, which of these skills do you already know and are you making money from them already? Do you have any skills you have learnt online that i never mentioned? lets discuss in the comment section i will be very happy to answer and learn from you, by the way to quickly get access to my future posts without missing a thing Subscribe to My List and be the first to get my updates.

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