About Us

GenderSkills.com – The Digital Skills Acquisition & Make Money Online Blog, what more do we have to say about us?.

GenderSkills is a living idea still being harnessed, borne into life of this current internet-age generation to address the following basic issue;

  • In being a resource center for Fidelis Ozuawala and other contributors to share their views and resource tips on the betterment of digital marketing, digital skills acquisition, making money from skills acquired online, motivate the youths to focus on self development, learning a skill, through numerous motivation and Inspirational contents or quotes, and above all sharing the experiences from successful digital marketers through the interview section.
  • Why wouldn’t we share our basic idea with one another – those ideas that are hard to be put in a blog post, those idea we lavish on our Facebook timeline, and as time goes it fades away as new posts comes on, leaving newcomers to ask same questions over and over again.
  • The excessive reliance of youths on their parents/guardians after being bombarded with the “graduate and get a job” thingy, instead of acquiring a skill, seriously needs to be addressed.

Genderskills is not trying to change the world or people in it, it was basically made to change and improve ourselves (Genderskills Believers) for better  while working towards sharing ideas around the ‘blogosphere’.

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