Are you wanting to Boost Website Traffic Online and earn? or you want to venture into blogging, an Internet Marketer or you want to start selling things online (physical goods or digital products), a freelancer or you have several services you want to offer online, do you have skills or you want to learn skills and make money from online, i guess you really need a paypal account.

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Paypal is one of the leading and most popular payment processor in the world. It provides a platform where users can easily send and receive money from any part of the world. Also, the majority of the online merchants across the internet is using Paypal as their accepted method of payments, because they really need a Paypal Account.

Those who are yet to be using PayPal may be wondering why many people use it as their only way to pay for a product online. After reading this article, you’ll get to know the reasons you also need to start using Paypal!

Importance of Paypal

9 Reasons Why you need a Paypal Account

These 9 Reasons could also be best taken as Importance of a paypal account. Not to forget i plan to also teach those countries who are restricted from getting a paypal account without Limit, how they can Create a Paypal account without Limit free of charge.

  1. No Setup Cost

Unlike some other online payment system, using Paypal is totally free, there’s nothing like annual membership fees, service charges, processing fees, etc. The only time you pay is when you do transactions and it’s ust a token. Also, when you withdraw your funds via Paypal, it’s completely free.

  1. Highly Secured

Another reason you need to start using Paypal is that your credit card and bank details are highly secured. The only time you’ll input your details is at the initial stage when you’re just signing up for a Paypal account, you won’t be prompted to disclose your credit card or bank details online anymore. So, by paying with Paypal, your credit card details remain safe, meaning that you can transact without worrying about your credit card information being leaked to hackers online.

  1. Global Coverage

Do you have siblings, clients, or friends you want to send money to abroads? Paypal is all you need! Currently, it is accepted in 202 countries and 25 currencies.  With Paypal, you can instantly send money to people abroad with just a click of the button. Unlike the Western union style, using Paypal to transfer money will not only save your time, but also save your cost, and  deliver the money to anywhere you send it to across the globe. Another thing is that, most of the merchants and seller uses PayPal as their default  payment option because it’s very secure, simple, and easy to use. And also very convenient for the buyer also.

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  1. Discounted Offers

Who doesn’t like cheap/free thing? Paypal offer special discounts for customers who uses Paypal while shopping at some selected online retail stores. Paypal users can also find the latest special offers from companies like Fanatics, Ebay, Nike,HP, Wal-Mart, and many more. In a nutshell, Paypal helps save your money by providing special promo codes on their shopping web page, all you need to do is to copy the promo code and paste it in the box provided for promo code on your favorite merchant’s site.

  1. PayPal is Old and Viable

One of the factors for measuring the effectiveness of any company is the age factor. Paypal is founded in the year 1998 in America, and ever since then it’s business had been running smoothly and has only little negative review by the users.

  1. Superb Customer Support

A business without a reliable customer support is actually obsolete. Paypal offers excellent support to each of it’s customers evenly. You can easily contact their customer care via email, phone number, as well as their social medias. Sometimes, after a customer has contacted Paypal customer support, they still proceed to ascertain their level of satisfaction and help solve the issues personally. Also, the average response time of Paypal support is extremely high. So, you can easily lodge your complaints to them and get the issue solved within few minutes.

  1. Easy registration.

To open a Paypal account, you don’t need to provide a special business license, all you need do is just enter your personal details and valid email address on the registration/Signup Page. Currently, Paypal offers three major types of accounts, which are: Personal [for personal use], Premier, and Business Account [For business use].

A Premier account can be opened by people who wish to receive payments online under their own personal name such as casual sellers, freelancers, auction sellers, and the likes. While a Business Account can be opened by larger companies who receive payment under their business name. Each of these accounts have their different benefits, rules, and regulations.

  1. Dispute resolution center

In case you have a feeling that a seller breached your agreement, you can easily file a claim against such seller by using the resolution center feature on Paypal. You must report the issue not lster than 30 days after your purchase. You’ll be required to provide some evidences related to your purchase such as emails, receipts, tracking number, and the likes.

  1. Mobile Apps

Paypal does not limit it’s services to the websites alone, they also offer an application for both smartphones operating on the IOS and Android Version. Therefore, iPhone and Android users can easily download the Paypal App from iTunes store and Google Play Store respectively. With the aid of these apps, users can send or receive money from anywhere across the world, pay bills, confirm transactions, as well as checking their account balances. These apps also have a feature that notifies a user whenever he receives funds from someone else.

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I believe you’ve seen many reasons you need to have a Paypal account now! If you’re yet to open an account, go straight to the Paypal Official website and click on the signup button.

Have we missed anything? Kindly tell us via the comments here below.

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