There’s a popular saying that, ‘the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step‘, and being consistent is the key factor that connects the beginning of the journey to the end.

It’s one thing to be bold enough to take the first step, but it’s a whole other thing to repeatedly take steps in order to get to your desired destination. Hence, consistency is the steadfast adherence to a particular principle, course or decision, it is staying firm, coherent and submissive to an idea, regardless the circumstances.

Consistency Curve
Consistency Curve Vs Randaomness

Why Should you Be Consistent?

Consistency – as I have come to learn, is a major requirement for success. Given the fact that what you don’t continue in, you won’t succeed in. And that has caused many to fail in life, and also in business.

This is the one factor that has kept tech giants like ‘Apple’ and ‘Samsung’ at the top of the smartphone  industry. They have grown significantly and exponentially, being very consistent in delivering top-notch products and services to their numerous costumers all over the world.

The Apple company to be specific, has remained very consistent with the continual improving and upgrading of their Iphone products which has been very successful over the years. They’ve managed to keep consumers constantly interested in their product, while in anticipation for forth coming products, that’s why they are currently ruling the smartphone industry.

Consistency Key Points
Consistency Key Points

4 Key Points To Be Consistent

  •    Consistency requires patience and commitment

Every proceed is the product of a process, trying to neglect the process, will result to problems. You must be patient and committed enough to go through the process in order to progress. Patience and commitment are like the driving forces of consistency. You can’t be consistent in anything without them.

Have you asked yourself why you keep moving from one business to another? According to a Facebook user – Gerrad Chigozie, sometime ago said: “It is so good getting multiple streams of payments from various businesses” i totally agree but slightly disagree. If you are yet to ‘secure a bag’ it is not necessary chasing several other bags, You can’t kill two rats at the same time – According to a local saying.

  •  Consistency requires steadfastness and focus

To be steadfast is to be firm and adherent, to be focused is to remain concentrated and
centralized; making something your primary point of attraction, attention and activity.

A wise man once said: “Lack of focus will make you look like a locust and lack of steadfastness
will loose your stand”. You cannot be consistent in what you don’t stand for, nor for what you don’t make your priority.

According to African Dating tips, one of the core relationship goals for partners is to be focused, never to be distracted by things happening around them – you can’t claim to be in love and be falling for someone else, being focus has much role to play in one’s relationship talking less of one’s life.

  • Consistency requires passion and vision  

What you don’t have passion for, you cannot go the extra-mile for and without vision, you cannot see to complete the mission.

Consistency is only possible when passion and vision are in-place. You almost just can’t
help being consistent in what your heart craves after, and in what you envision to profit from.

On my Facebook timeline everyday, i see young entrepreneurs wishing for every successful persons to be their mentor, disregarding the fact if  these mentors-to-be have same passion they have, or actually their visions are same. Consistency brings out the self-developing attitude imbibed in you.

Businesses crash everyday because inconsistent people are their pioneers, everyone wants to be in a bubbling business of the moment, everyone does not want to follow their vision anymore, the increasing rate of fraud activity in the country is not longer alarming to the youths – so far they make it by any means, hence they already sold their passion for pleasure and their vision they have exchanged for being blind.

  • Consitency requires belief

Belief is having confidence, faith and trust. You simply cannot be consistent in anything you don’t believe in. What are your beliefs? – getting rich quick or following a consistent curve.

Belief – is a firm ground never to be convinced or confused if your friends are in Ghana, Malaysia or anywhere, that surely one day, you will prove that above all, Consistency is the key.

Consistency feeds on constant belief. Many started off the internet – website business when they were only working for passion with a simple belief that it “may” pay off, little did we know, they were building a foundation that this current era and a soon-to-come era would pay heavily to build.

In conclusion, if you can be consistent enough, you’ll progress a lot. It’s better not to start something at all, than to start and not continue in that thing – my friends know that’s my favorite quote, because lack of consistency is responsible for many unrealized dreams and aspirations.

Never give up on any dream prematurely, because if you can simply maintain consistency in the
pursuit of that dream of yours, then you will surely realize it.

Show me a man progressing, and I will show you a man who is consistent in his dealings, I remain that ordinary guy, a soon-to-be man 🙂 –  Fidelis Ozuawala; always at the fore-front to project Digital skills acquisition and above all, in-dependency in youths – i took up this call after my NYSC.

Thanks for reading, if you’ve gotten to this part, you were really consistent, kindly drop a comment below (to show your ever-unending consistency). I will surely reciprocate with a follow up reply. Thanks and God Bless.


Fidelis Ozuawala

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