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GenderSkillsThe Digital Skills Acquisition & Make Money Online Blog, was created on the basis of ideas, we believe these ideas would make positive impart when they are collectively gathered from like minds whose aims are to project Digital Skills Acquisition techniques, Self Development and how to turn skills in making money online.

What Benefits Do you gain when you write for us?

We offer incentives, mutually agreed payments or a simple heart-felt thank you, when you send us a content.

What Contents Do You Accept?

As for now we are trying to narrow this niche even further, because there are several authoritative websites already who are slightly/totally related to what we intend to portray to the public, the major aim of picking up writers is to fill up categories as fast as we can hence getting users from search.

  • Only SEO-based contents are allowed
  • Narrative and explanatory write-ups
  • Originally or totally modified write-ups
  • Other tips will be passed when you mail us.

What Categories Can i Write About?

  • Motivation & Career Advice
  • Skills People can learn online and earn with them
  • Other Make Money online Tips
  • Blogging for Money & Minor  SEO Tips
  • Advice on Self dependency

How do i start writing for you?

We prefer a native writer, one who can hook up audience with lengthy entertaining yet educative posts, if you are such a person, simply email us at writers(at)genderskills.com, we will take things up from there, getting you an account, a sample of what you can write on and then an author account of GenderSkills.